Easter is almost here. You may be like the majority of us, and it has snuck up on you! We are always last-minute Easter shoppers. However, you can find some great Easter basket stuffers with a little creativity, even if the stores are a bit bare in the Easter department. Here are some great tips for fun Easter baskets. 

DIY Treats

Candy is always a big hit at Easter. However, you don’t have to buy the premade goods. Buy some candy molds and melts to make your own. You can even grab some sprinkles, colored sugar, crush some pretzels, or whatever strikes your fancy. Some children have allergies and can’t have premade goods. This will give your children a fond memory, and you can control the ingredients. 

Make a Gift

Crocheting and knitting will probably take too long, but if you are creative, think about sewing, drawing, or painting a gift for your child. A clipboard for their school work adorned with stickers representing their favorite things will be treasured for years to come. 

Creative Toys

Playdough, sidewalk chalk, paint, and markers all make great gifts. If your children are small, you may want to invest in markers that can only draw on a specific paper, like Crayola’s ColorWonder. If your children are older, they often enjoy drawing, writing, and creating. You can even purchase jewelry-making kits, woodworking kits, and cooking kits for your children. Of course, you will need to supervise them when they are using tools and equipment. 

Crosses, Bibles, and Religious Gifts

Easter is a religious holiday. If your family practices a religion, consider giving your children religious gifts to symbolize the holiday. You might choose to give a new teen Bible if your child is outgrowing their children’s version. If they do not have their own Bible, there are some fantastic children’s Bibles explaining the stories in words children can understand. 


Books do not have to have an Easter theme. If your child is an emerging reader, give the gift of reading and challenge them to read new stories. Small children love to sit with parents, siblings, and grandparents to read new books. A few small books aren’t costly and can change your child’s reading outlook. Teens and older children who aren’t fond of reading often do not find enjoyable books. Pick up a few books that relate to their interests. You might be surprised at how that changes their outlook. 

Experience Gifts

Your gifts can be tickets, passes, or promises to go to their favorite experiences. Buy them tickets for local amusement parks or more extensive vacations as a surprise in their Easter basket. It doesn’t have to be an expensive experience either. A trip to the Portland Children’s Museum might be just what they need. A day of fun and education is always great for making new memories with your child. 


Candy is always fun and exciting for children. Remember, you don’t have to buy Easter-themed candy. Try to find candy that they have never tried or some of their favorites, even if they aren’t Easter-themed. Reese’s Cups, Starburst, and Snickers all come in Easter themes, but you don’t have to stick with those. Drop by a favorite bakery and pick up some truffles for older children. Design the basket to meet their preferences. 


I don’t suggest buying your children new wardrobes, but a cute new outfit to wear to school after Easter break might be fun. With schools across the country returning to in-person instruction after the break, this might be their first chance to see their peers outside of the computer. We all remember what first-day outfits are like. Everyone loves having new clothes for the school year! 

Lip Balm, Lotion, and Bubble Bath

Some kids love lip balm. Even if they don’t, this is a great time to get some incredible new “flavors” to treat chapped lips. With the winds and change of seasons, sometimes chapping is inevitable. Bath goodies are fun treats for kids, and who doesn’t love a good bubble bath? 

Outdoor Toys

With the weather improving for spring, this is a fantastic time to plan outdoor activities. Bubble machines, giant bubble wands, and water activities are big hits for kids. Plan some outdoor time with your children and get some great games and toys. Be sure to maintain safety and supervise your children when playing with water or doing physical activities, but these are great bonding experiences. Create your own obstacle course with some outdoor games and pretend you are the next Ninja Warrior. 


Stuffed animals, soft dolls, and other stuffed toys are great for Easter baskets. You might be able to find a bunny in a favorite color, but you don’t have to stick to Easter themes. Look for your child’s favorite character, animal, or object in pastels, if possible. Your child will probably love a stuffed Olaf, even if he’s not painted for Easter! 

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the ideas to get you started on your child’s Easter basket. Get creative with the baskets, too. My children always love something with their name on it. Sometimes, Easter baskets can double as new storage bins for their bedrooms. Tie the basket itself in with your theme. If you give sports-related toys, buy a sports-themed box or basket. If you can’t find one, decorate the outside to be sports-themed. Have fun with these gifts. They do not need to break the bank to be great fun for your children.