Does your family depend on Dad to fix broken toys, do maintenance on the car, get the kids to soccer practice, or whip up a delicious meal? Maybe it is all of the above! All our world’s unique fathers deserve to be celebrated every day, but finding the perfect gift to share your appreciation on Father’s Day can be tricky. Luckily, Oregon is a beautiful state full of resources that inspired this list of budget-friendly do-it-yourself crafts that are guaranteed to make Dad smile on June 19th!

Dad’s Stuff Bowl

Give the gift of creative organization this year with a personalized bowl featuring something special to your father. Bring new life to any clear recyclable container with some modge podge and dried leaves from the backyard, craft store feathers, snippets from a past golf magazine, hiking pics, or whatever else Dad is interested in! This could be the perfect place to store his wallet and other pocket items.

Suggested Materials:
Clear plastic container (cut to fit and shape as needed)
Modge Podge
Foam paint brush
Personalized add-ins
Duct tape

Additional tips for success: Make sure to choose add-ins that are thin and pliable but durable enough to withstand strokes from the foam brush. Apply a layer of modge podge, paste the item, and then cover it with more modge podge. This can be a long and messy process, so lay out covers to protect surfaces and set up your drying space before getting started! Depending on how thickly you layer glue and pieces, it can take a full 48 hours for the sealant to dry completely. Add a finished look by using a thin strip of Dad’s precious duct tape to smooth and cover any cut edges of the bowl.

Sprout in a Painted Pot

June is an excellent time in Oregon to try growing your own veggies! Check out the front displays of local stores or stop by the nursery to snag a cucumber, tomato, strawberry, or pepper sprout that your family would enjoy growing and eating. It is amazing what can grow in a sunny spot of the yard from a small 6” terra cotta pot, and the best part is that this whole thing can cost less than $5! Add some personality by painting a colorful pattern on the pot before presenting it to Dad.

Suggested Materials:
6” Terra cotta pot
Veggie sprout
Acrylic Paint
Potting Soil

Additional tips for success: When painting on a porous pottery surface, remember that the thicker the paint, the more vibrant the design! Stick to simple shapes and use painter’s tape to create crisp, clean edges. If you would like to preserve the longevity of the pot to use again next summer, spray or paint it with a layer of outdoor sealant, and allow plenty of time for the pot to dry before planting the sprout. Remember to check in on the veggie sprout daily, offering water when soil is dry to the touch. Hot, summer days can dry them out quickly!

Fingerprint Keychain

Travel around in spirit wherever Dad goes by adding a special decoration to his keyring featuring his family’s fingerprints! This is an extremely flexible craft, because using an archival ink pad will create a lasting mark that is resistant to weathering and fading on a variety of surfaces. Grab an interesting piece of wood from the backyard or the river and press your thumbprint onto a clear portion of the surface. Adding the chain will be the trickiest part of the project when using wild material, so remember that you can opt for an unfinished craft store keychain to simplify this process if preferred!

Suggested Materials:
Archival Ink Pad
Driftwood (or other surface)

Additional tips for success: Select your wood carefully, making sure it is large enough to fit all the members of your family if desired. Some natural wooden pieces will have a hole ready for a keychain, but it is likely a hole will need to be drilled–or an eyelet loop purchased to screw into one end. Roll your finger around generously on the ink pad to ensure a full print. A calm hand with firm, stable pressure is the key to getting a clear fingerprint. As with the other projects, a layer of outdoor sealant spray or paint is recommended to ensure your craft will last!

Treasure Jar

Chances are that Dad has taken you out to some beautiful locations to enjoy some fishing, boating, quading, or hiking while living here in Oregon! Showcase your love for those adventures with him by displaying a handwritten note along the inside of an old, cleaned-out pickle jar and adding in some wild materials from your favorite locations. Stones, sand, dirt, and twigs can make an amazing background for a kind reminder, such as “your time is my treasure” or “I love making memories with Dad.”

Suggested Materials:
Glass jar with lid
Handwritten note
Wild material

Additional tips for success: Avoid selecting wild material that will deteriorate over time. Wildflowers or ferns will look lovely but wither quickly. Be open and creative, remembering that wild material comes in a large variety of colors. Layering different styles of soil or stones can create unique textured designs. Feel free to stray from the suggestions and replace the handwritten note for a printed picture, map, drawing, or quote–whatever Dad would like best to remind him of all the outdoor adventures you’ve shared together! Paint the jar lid a solid color to cover any branding and add a finished look.

Help every father feel all the ways he is important in your life by staying away from the cliche gifts like ties or watches this year! Spend some time crafting a personalized gift and then ask him out back for a game of catch or hoops, or talk with him about his favorite childhood games over a pitcher of lemonade. Long, summer nights are perfect for making memories with Dad!