Did your child recently get bit by the acting bug? I’ve gathered up a list of local places that offer acting classes for children of all ages. 

Spotlight Musical Theatre Academy

Located in Lake Oswego, this Academy takes young stars as young as the age of 4. Ages 4 to 6 are “Little Stars,” ages 6 to 16 are “Center Stage,” and teenagers 14 to 18 are in the “Conservatory program.” They teach children rather than material. They are located within the Lakewood Center for the Arts in Lake Oswego. 

Northwest Children’s Theater and School

Located in Portland, this theater school starts taking children as young as 4. “First Stage Classes” are ages 4 to 6 where they combine character creation, storytelling, songs, theater games, and a general introduction to theater occurs. “Explore Classes” are for ages 6-9 or 8-10, where character creation, imaginative world-building, and creative play occur. “Skills Classes” are for ages 8-10 or 10-14, where students hone specific theater skills like acting, musical theater, improv, and technical theater.

Oregon Children’s Theater

While known for their terrific family plays, Oregon Children’s Theater offers camps and classes in a different format than the above. For the younger ones, they do offer family story-time with rhythm and rhymes. Actual classes really don’t start until the children are around 8, so if you have older children that have gotten the acting bug and are in Portland proper, this might be a good fit for you. They offer beginning classes, as well as higher, more specific technical classes for older kids.

Acting for Kids and Teens

This is no theater but an acting studio. Skills are honed through camps, workshops, and ongoing classes. A nice benefit of this studio is that do offer online options. One thing that I noted from their site was that they also focus on the business side of the industry.

As a last note, your city may have acting programs as one-off camps from time to time. For that, check your local city Parks and Recreation website/magazine. Hopefully, the above will be enough for your budding thespian.