Paper Bags 



Crayons or Markers  

Step by Step Instructions

  • You will be using the back of the paper bag to create a frog with a big mouth. 
  • Using your pencil lightly (in case you have to erase), draw a rainbow shape on the bag bottom from corner to corner leave room for the froggy eyes, which are rainbow shapes too. Then add circles for the eyes. 
  • Under the fold line, make a big U-shaped chin going from one corner to the other.  
  • Your frog needs lips. The top lip is drawn on the bag’s bottom like a big soft M. The bottom lip is a U shape below it.
  • Let’s add the shoulders with a gentle curve. You can make your froggy pal as skinny or wide as you wish.  Don’t forget a line for the arms.  
  • Toes, toes, toes… I made mine out of 3 letter U’s … If you want them pointy, draw the letter V instead.   
  • Using a marker or dark crayon, outline your frog. 
  • Our last step drawing with pencil again.  Fold the bag bottom up so we can give your frog a tongue.  You will draw 2 rainbow arcs.  

It’s time to decorate! You can make your frog spotted, striped, plain, or wherever your imagination roams. Always use at least 5 colors and be neat!  

It is time to name your Froggy Friend. My frog is Felix Fenway Froglet!

Now go have a puppet shot with all your friends!

Additional Projects  

*Create other creatures *Write a poem *Make a video with your puppets *Read about frogs and their habitats *Sing a frog song *Try to record frogs croaking *Use Your IMAGINATION  

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