Now that summer is approaching, it’s time to buy shoes for your kids that are comfortable, safe, and versatile. When your child runs around, you want to make sure they don’t slip or feel their feet get too hot. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends purchasing shoes that have non-skid soles. If they are swimming or running around on slippery surfaces, this is an essential feature you will want to prevent any falls. 

If you’re looking for new kid’s shoes for the summer, take a look at our recommendations for 2021. 

Crocs Kids Literide Clog

These updated clogs are fashionable and easy for kids to slip on. They come in nine different colors and feature the famed Croc lightweight foam and sink-in footbed. It is very comfy and easy to clean, so kids can wear it on any terrain during their summer adventures. 

Teva Kids Hurricane Drift Sandals

For kids running around outside all summer, these sandals are lightweight and durable. The simple straps make these shoes easy to put on and off, but they stay firmly on your child’s foot when they jump into water or find themselves in mud or sand. They are made of waterproof foam, making this perfect for a day at the beach or camping by a lake. 

Native Shoes Jefferson Water-Friendly

These sneakers have a breathable and stylish design. They are durable and ultralight, so your kids can wear them for hours. These shoes are flexible, shock-absorbent, and easy to clean. The shoe is completely perforated to keep feet cool and dry while the material repels water. These sneakers come in several different colors so your child can find the perfect pair that fits their style.  

Speedo Surfwalker 2.0 Water Shoes

If you’re looking for your kids’ water shoes, the Speedo Surfwalker is a durable pair to purchase this summer. They are easy to slide on and off and dry quickly, so your child won’t feel uncomfortable after playing in the water. The rubber outsole will protect your kid’s feet from sharp objects or hot sand. These water shoes also provide great grip to prevent them from slipping in the water or on slick surfaces. 

Ikiki On/Off Squeaker Shoes

Your toddler will love the bright and whimsical design of the Ikiki squeaky shoes. They come in various designs, like unicorns and sharks, and are made of synthetic vegan leather. The best part is that you can turn the squeak on or off. 

Vans Autism Awareness ComfyCush Sneaker

This soft blue sneaker from vans is both stylish and comfortable. It is designed with a sturdy, breathable mesh and a reinforced heel stabilizer. The rubber and foam provide essential grip and comfort for your child. This footwear collection from Vans is designed to appeal to children with autism with its calming color palette and sensory-friendly material.

Mejale Moccasins

For babies and toddlers, Mejale Moccasins provide great protection while they learn to walk or run. These shoes are lightweight and soft, making walking feel natural. However, it is durable and protects their feet from the rough ground outdoors. They will feel comfortable wearing these soft slip-on shoes made of 100% genuine leather. The elastic band will keep them on your child’s feet so they won’t lose them while exploring. 

Nike Sunray Protect 2 Sandal

This comfortable sandal will equip your child for adventures during the summer. It has a perforated top and open sides for ultimate comfort and breathability. It has a foam sole and contoured footbed to provide cushion all day. The textured tread prevents slip, while the total toe coverage protects them from stubbing their toes. 

Keen Seacamp II

If you plan to go camping, visit a national park, or spend a lot of time outdoors, the Keen Seacamp II sandals are stable and durable for rugged terrain. They are made to last under rough wear and the toughest climbs or adventures your child goes on. It is easy to put on and take off and dries quickly. These shoes have a rubber sole and use a lace-lock bungee system to keep the shoes from slipping off. 

No matter what your child is doing this summer, buying the best shoes to protect their little feet is crucial. Make sure to look for comfortable and breathable shoes, so they don’t feel tempted to take them off during play. Sandals that are waterproof or easy to clean are great features so that they can last all summer long. 

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