Fellow parents going trick or treating on Halloween, don’t head out the door without reading this! I’ve created this handy guide to help you survive that pavement-pounding, stop tantrums before they start, and keep the squad safe on your adventures on Hallows Eve!

– Go practical with footwear

This is both for you and the kiddos. Shoes that are comfortable and easy to walk in are the key to survival on any occasion, especially one that requires as much walking in search of treats as Halloween. 

– Say “yes” to the stroller for littles

I am telling you this … small children will get tuckered out rather quickly. Between all the walking and all the excitement, don’t let it put a damper in your plans, especially if you have any bigger kids. Instead, take the stroller. Plus, it serves as a handy stashing point for coats, excess candy, and makes one heck of a nifty bar on wheels.

– Pick your poison

Oh yes, and while we’re on the subject, raise the bar for yourself by bringing some of that “Mommy Juice” along in your favorite Halloween cup. That stroller has cupholders so use it!

– Feed the kids before trick or treating

I know they’re excited and have been asking if it’s time to trick or treat since sun-up, but make sure your kids eat a wholesome dinner in plenty of time before heading out. You’ll curb the whining and give them fuel for enduring all that walking. Choose something semi-healthy, perhaps homemade pizzas and fresh-cut veggies with ranch. 

– Make sure you’re visible

When the sun sets, that’s a magical time for kids on Halloween. But as you know in Oregon, a lot of these woodsy places can be spooky with dangers like oncoming vehicles. Glow sticks and necklaces or other illuminated items can help keep your crew safe. 

– Form teams with your other half

In families with both little and big kids, it might help to take shifts. You can take the littles and then call it a night while your other half carries on with the bigger kids, or vice versa. By splitting your team, everyone gets to have fun and your older kids won’t resent the younger ones. 

– Make sure your kids know they can’t have their candy yet

While it’s not all that common, candy tampering does happen. Don’t let your kids have any candy that isn’t properly wrapped or looks unusual. If you have kids with food allergies, it’s especially important for you to check and make sure you remove anything that could cause a reaction too. There are many candies out there that could have traces of nuts, peanuts, milk, or soy.

Final Trick or Treat Tip for COVID-19

Last but not least, I’d like to remind my fellow Oregonians that COVID-19 is still around so practice social distancing, wear that mask, and keep your sanitizer handy at all times!