One of the best times of the whole year is fall. Many people love Christmas, and it might be fun, but it is often too cold to enjoy being outdoors for very long. However, in the fall, outdoor activities are perfect. You are often coming off the end of a miserably hot summer and want to be outdoors doing things. It is finally not nauseatingly hot, and you can wear those cute boots you have in your closet. Taking the kids to a pumpkin patch may not sound like great fun if you are worried your children may throw tantrums, run away, or behave poorly. While we cannot force your kids to have a great day, we can help you minimize challenges and increase your likelihood of success.

Plan the Right Time

Now, you can never tell if your children are going to have a difficult time sleeping the night before or something is going to throw your schedule off. However, you can plan your visit to the pumpkin patch around the best time of day for your kids. Is your child the most agreeable in the morning or after a nap? Do they like to have a snack at 10 am? If you know the times your schedule usually includes food or sleep, these are the worst times to plan something. However, you also know what times of day your child tends to be happiest. Try to plan your visit at that time.

Bring Extra Clothes

If you are taking a potty-trained toddler, bring extra clothes and possibly underwear because accidents do happen. Suppose you are in the middle of the pumpkin patch when nature calls; getting to the bathroom might be challenging. You might not win that battle. However, being prepared with an extra change of clothes will make it a mere bump in the road. Even if you do not have potty-related accidents, there is more dirt than you could want. Kids will get dirty. A clean change of clothes can keep car seats from looking like your child has taken up mudding!

Bring Snacks

Your child may find themselves hungry while exploring the pumpkin patch. Pouches, cheese crackers, or cereal can be a lifesaver in the middle of picking your pumpkin. Get creative and bring along a themed snack if you’d like!

Dress in Layers

Fall is a fabulous time of year, but it can be difficult to dress appropriately. Dress your child in layers, including a short-sleeved shirt and jacket. If the breeze is a little chilly for the day or the sun feels a bit warmer than you expected, you will want to be able to alter your clothing to fit the scenario.


Do not expect everything to go perfectly. Let the day happen as it will. Letting your child learn and explore will make for much fonder memories. You can take pictures with your phone or bring a camera. Take a deep breath and enjoy the weather and season with your child.

Bottom Line

You can have a successful day at the pumpkin patch with your children. Consider the time of day that is best for your child and come prepared. Don’t forget the first aid kit for scrapes, bumps, and allergies, but most of all, bring the fun!

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