Halloween can be one of the best holidays for children. They often enjoy the dress up, pretend play, and exhilarating frights that accompany this day. Getting them involved in decorating will be sure to make your decorations fun and exciting. Here are a few decorations they can easily make. 

Glow in the Dark Jars

One fun way to make a glow in the dark decoration is to make glass jars, bottles, or even test tubes glow in the dark. These are not only easy, but you can also make them a variety of colors. First, fill the jar with water. Pull the plug out of the end of the highlighter or remove the tip. Place the tube of ink in the water and let it soak for a few minutes. Then you can squeeze the rest of the liquid out of the tube into your jar. Add spooky toys like brains, eyeballs, skulls, or spiders to make it look like a specimen jar. Use black markers to create a face on the jar if you’d like.  

Candy Wreaths

While this wreath is extraordinarily easy, it will require adult assistance. Use your glue gun to glue candy to a wire wreath form. Most of the time, you can find one of these wreath forms at the local dollar store’s crafting section. Use any candy you like! Add in some small toy spiders, teeth, and webs if you’d like. 

Handprint Pumpkins

If you want to preserve your little one’s handprint, this is an excellent choice. Make salt dough or use air-dry clay to mold a pumpkin shape larger than their hand. Then, paint the dough with craft paint. Once it dries, use paint to make a handprint on the pumpkin. You can also shape it like a ghost, spider, or jack-o-lantern. 

Spider Pencils

These fantastic pencils use chenille stems, foam balls, googly eyes, washi tape, black paint, and your favorite pencils. Paint the balls black and cover the pencils in washi tape. Cut the stems so that they make spider legs, quarters or halves will usually work depending on the size of your ball. Push the pencil in the ball, glue on eyes, and push the stems in the ball to make legs. 

Mini Halloween Pots

There may not be an easier craft! Purchase miniature clay flowerpots. Use craft paint to paint them orange, black, or green. Add black features for a jack-o-lantern face or monster face and hair. Then you can add batwings to the black pot. 

Glittery Glue Spider Webs

Use glue to draw spiderwebs or spooky designs on sheet protectors or plastic bags. Shake a bit of glitter over the top to make them shine. Let dry overnight. Shake off the excess glitter and save for another project. You can make these using your favorite Halloween colors. This can also be a cute coaster since they will dry as relatively flat designs.