Feeding your children in a hurry is not always easy. It is easy to run through the nearest drive-through, but you often want to feed your children more nutritious meals. Have you ever tried to feed a child a salad at Burger King? That’s not what they want from there. They want tasty fries, crunchy chicken tenders, and ice-cold soft drinks. It’s natural for them to desire the junk food of the fast-food stops. We all like a little junk now and then. However, the majority of meals, you want to feed them meals that will help their bodies and brains develop into strong people. Never fear! There are many convenience meals that are nutritious and delicious. 

Of course, the best thing for your kids will always be a good home-cooked meal made from scratch, but who are we kidding? No one has time for Suzie Homemaker meals every day. Sometimes things happen. Children play sports, have doctor’s appointments, and you have meetings. You cannot be everything every single day. 


Kidfresh meals are frozen meals with your children’s nutrition in mind. They do not add all the artificial ingredients that many other frozen foods may use. Artificial ingredients may be fine now and then, but you do not want to get into the habit of using them. The spaghetti and meat sauce is kid-approved for its fantastic taste. That canned food substitute cannot hold up next to this delicious meal. 

Meatball Subs

Want super-fast meatball subs without all the work? Pick up some frozen meatballs and whole wheat sub rolls. All you have to do is warm some sauce on the stove-top and add the meatballs. Once they are heated, top some toasted buns with the sauce and meatballs and some shredded cheese. You can skip the lines at that sub restaurant and control the ingredients for your child’s meals. If you have time, you could even create frozen meatballs from scratch on the weekend. Make an extra batch of meatballs and freeze them. 

Caulipower Pizza

Cauliflower has become one of the most popular vegetables recently. It has been used to substitute for mashed potatoes, rice, and even pizza crust. While it is not exactly the same, it means that you can skip the added carbs from the wheat and grains. You may also choose to use it if your child is gluten sensitive. Even if you aren’t avoiding extra carbs and gluten, an extra serving of vegetables is never a bad idea. Caulipower Pizza sneaks in that extra serving while kids think they are eating great tasting pizza. 

Yummy Spoonfuls

The makers of Yummy Spoonfuls create kid-friendly frozen meals so that you do not have to worry about what you are feeding your family. The meals include turkey and spinach bites that are similar to breakfast sausages. A quick breakfast does not have to include big messes. Of course, the chicken sweet potato bites are a great quick meal for little mouths too! 

Earth’s Best Nuggets

Yes, sometimes, your kids will want chicken nuggets. You should offer them chicken nuggets that you can be confident in serving. Earth’s Best is one of the most well-known kid-friendly frozen food brands. They have taken your child’s nutrition seriously for years. Their food will be nourishing and fun for even the pickiest eaters. 

Annie’s PB & J

What kid doesn’t love a good PB & J now and then? Some companies make frozen peanut butter and jelly, but they are filled with artificial flavors and preservatives. However, Annie’s has always used top-quality ingredients. When you know that you will be out for a while, bring along a PB & J and let it thaw throughout your errands. Your kids will appreciate the comfort foods they like best. 

Snack Foods

Don’t forget snack foods and finger foods. You will not always need whole meals quickly. Sometimes you will just want to be prepared with snacks at your fingertips. 

GoGo Squeeze Applesauce and Yogurt

A favorite of toddlers and big kids, GoGo Squeeze pouches, can be tossed in the diaper bag or in a small lunchbox for older kids. They can reach for these easy to eat foods with little mess. They come in fantastic flavors and even have some veggies in some of the blends. Try the smoothies, veggie squeeze, and even the big pouches. 

Carrot Sticks or Celery

Celery and baby carrots can be purchased in single-serve packs. Kids can dip them in ranch packets if they want, or they can be eaten alone. For a great snack with celery, consider adding some single-serve peanut butter packs. Your kids will enjoy these perfectly portioned veggies with little assistance from mom. 

Whole Grain Waffles

Waffles do not have to be just for breakfast. They can also be great-tasting snacks. Pair them with a nut butter for a healthy alternative to heavily sugared syrup. You could even toast mini whole-grain waffles and make peanut butter sandwiches for a great twist on two old favorites. 

Final Thoughts

Convenience foods do not have to be prepackaged. You can make many of these ahead of time and freeze them. Consider making double batches of meals and freezing leftovers into single-serve portions for nights you are in a hurry. These meals can be heated just as you would convenience foods. Whatever you choose, make sure that you are feeding your kids mostly balanced meals most of the time. No one is perfect. McDonald’s once in a while, never hurt anyone.