Living in the Pacific Northwest, we are beyond lucky to have an emphasis on bike travel. The below should make for some fun family outings so you can explore via bike! 

Downtown Book Loop:

This easy 3.6-mile loop is flat with sidewalks, marked crossings, main streets, and a fun pedestrian overpass. This is in the heart of the city. You start and end at the North Portland Library (at North Killingsworth St and North Commercial Ave). Be careful, this will put you super close to parked cars and some traffic, although your sights will be interesting. 

Mountain Park Trails in Lake Oswego:

This map shows you all the paved trails around that would be suitable for biking. The good news is that it keeps you all closer to home! Something to keep in mind is Mountain Park tends to be super hilly in areas, so if traveling with smaller kids, you might want to plan out elevation so little legs don’t meltdown. 

Luscher Farms:

Behind our beloved farm in town, there is a paved loop called the Stafford/Rosemont trail. If you look closely at the map, there are plenty of interconnecting trail rides in and around the dog park!   

Westlake Loop:

A popular playground has bike lanes all the way to and from interconnecting neighborhoods and shops. You can start at the park and wind up going for a treat via bike lanes very safely. 

Terwilliger Trail Loop:

This trail is fully paved and starts in busy downtown Lake Oswego. Pop up to Tyron Creek State Park, and cruise an easy 5.6 miles down. It is mostly treelined, which makes it a lovely summer ride. 

Lower Boones:

For the last few years, the hard-working city of Lake Oswego has finally completed Lower Boones Ferry Road. The good news is that bike lanes have been included, which means you could leave Bridgeport and bike into downtown Lake Oswego. Once downtown, there are even more bike lanes to get around local shops.