Podcasts for children are not as new as you may think. They have been around a while, but they don’t get much attention. Some podcasts for children are storytelling and reading-related. Other podcasts involve children’s interests and issues. Finding a podcast your child will love may take several tries, but he or she can almost assuredly find something they can follow for quite some time. You might choose to allow your children to have their own account on a podcast-friendly app or listen with you. Whichever choice you make, you will want to listen to a few episodes first to make sure that you approve of the content. Just because it is labeled as kid-friendly, it doesn’t mean that they will agree with your moral or philosophical beliefs. Be sure that the podcast is teaching your children the lessons you want. 

Storytime Podcasts

These programs are aimed at telling or retelling stories. Some of the content may not be story-related, but their most significant focus will be storytelling. 

Story Pirates

Story Pirates is not just a storytime podcast, but it does have a strong story focus. There are also many guests that kids will love. The comedy in this silly program is excellent for the whole family. 

Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest

This podcast reimagines fairytales with a new twist. These creepy stories are sure to please most upper elementary and middle school students. Since they also offer new retellings, you might be able to convince your child to work on a little creative storytelling themselves. 

Circle Round

Folk tales come alive in this podcast. These stories are brought to listeners from around the world. Folk tales tell listeners a lot about the culture of the tale’s country of origin. You might be able to extend learning beyond the stories told in this podcast! 

Creative Podcasts

These podcasts encourage children to get creative. They may be encouraged to write, sing, or create something new. 

Story Seed

This podcast is fantastic for creative writing fans. Children can begin the process of story creation with the information in this podcast. The writing process is discussed in kid-friendly terms. There are also great prompts to get the juices flowing. 

Mother Tongue with Sirine

Learning a new language or words in a new language can be fantastic for brain development. This podcast aims to teach children new words each week. You might want to listen along to learn something new, yourself. While this doesn’t seem as creative, learning new words in new languages aids in native language development and understanding, improving participation in Story Seeds from above. 

Short & Curly

This unique podcast teaches children hard lessons. While it may not seem to fit on the “Creative” list either, let’s look at why it does. The podcast aims to answer nearly impossible questions—ethical ones. Children must think creatively to answer questions with no clear right or wrong. It gets them thinking about the facets of reason. 


While any of the above podcasts may teach, the following are aimed at teaching specific skills or subject areas. 

Brains On

Teach your kids science by listening to kid scientists. Kids can learn scientific concepts from the people they believe—their peers. You might learn some cool facts too! 

Sesame Street Podcast

Do we need to introduce this one? Sesame Street has been teaching kids great things for decades, and now they are doing it through a podcast. 

But Why? 

The most asked question of a toddler or young child is “but why?” it seems. This podcast tries to answer this question for many topics. Kids will learn how things work in a format that meets their desires. 


Sometimes you want to be entertained. These podcasts are serial stories, book news, and other entertainment geared toward children. 

What If World? 

Listeners can write in and suggest topics, and the host will weave stories around them. This podcast can quickly become very entertaining. 

The Radio Adventures of Eleanor Amplified

This serial podcast is a new twist on an old favorite genre—the detective tale. Nancy Drew, Encyclopedia Brown, Sherlock Holmes, and other detectives have entertained readers for generations. Now, there is a new detective—Eleanor. 

Dream Big

Children love celebrities too! These interviews are performed by a child reporter instead of some boring adult. Children can find out all they want to know about their favorite celebs. 


Kids don’t always understand what they hear on adult news channels. Podcasts can help them make sense of what is happening in the world. 

Wow in the World

This NPR podcast teaches kids about the newest developments in the world of science and technology. Since it comes from NPR, it is sure to be a hit as they have been doing talk radio for quite a while. 


This mom-created podcast can help explain today’s news to your children. Many parents dread talking to their kids about difficult news events. This podcast was designed to help ease that burden. 

Final Thoughts

We have only listed a few podcasts to get you started. Most of them are available on multiple platforms, so search for them on your favorite podcast broadcasting app. Your own favorite podcast app might even have a “podcasts for children” category, so you should check there frequently for newly added podcasts. Podcasts are designed with different age groups and interests in mind. There is something for everyone—adults and kids alike. What is your favorite podcast for children, if you have one?