It’s October! That means that it is time for all things pumpkin. Carvings are one of the most popular ways to decorate pumpkins, but not everyone is a master carver. Sometimes, you want to decorate with pumpkins but just do not want to carve them. What are the best ways to decorate, then, without carving? 

Tissue Paper Pumpkins

Rather than drawing or carving on your pumpkin, you can use festive tissue paper colors to decorate your pumpkin. For children with allergies, teal pumpkins are often used to signify non-allergenic foods or treats. Covering your pumpkin in teal tissue paper can signify that your treats are safe for children fighting allergies. 

Mummify Your Pumpkin

Add a little gauze to your pumpkin for some spooky fun. Wrap the outside of your pumpkin with some white gauze, cheesecloth, or crepe paper to create a fun mummkin! Add some eyes, spiders, and creepy crawlies to scare your friends! This pumpkin may not fare well on the porch, so you will want to bring him inside. 

Fancy Lace Pumpkins

Dress your pumpkin up in the most delicate craft lace you can find. Okay, you do not need to dress them in an expensive fancy lace, but you can dress them in Spooktacular Halloween themed lace for a festive alternative. Fishnet stockings and those with intricate designs can also make a breathtaking design. 

Stencil on Your Face

Sometimes, we are not great at carving or drawing, but we want to make a fun pumpkin. In this case, consider using stencils to create a silly pumpkin face. Stencils can be found at a variety of craft stores and retailers. This time of year, you might find both scary and fun faces. See how you can mix and match. 

Decorate with Found Items

Glue buttons, glitter, beads, or other items on your pumpkin in various shapes to give them a new look. Candy corn buttons, glitter faces, and beaded masks all look fantastic on your bright orange pumpkin. You can even combine these items with the stenciled pumpkins from above. Outline the stencil with buttons or beads for a fancy look—glue silver beads on your lace pumpkin for a touch of shine. 

Final Thoughts

You can decorate pumpkins in many ways. Several of these can be combined. Your pumpkins should demonstrate your style and fashion. Little hands can also help you design fun pumpkins as well. Tissue paper and stencils are often easy for them to handle, but don’t count them out. Your children will love helping you find new lace designs for the pumpkins above. Try using the lace as a stencil and paint shapes onto the surface of the pumpkin. White pumpkins have become more popular over the last several years, so you might even use them as a blank canvas. Orange makes a great Halloween canvas, too, so don’t forget to use those creatively as well. Foam pumpkins are also available at many craft retailers. Decorating these pumpkins means that you will have them for years to come. Have a hauntingly happy Halloween! 

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